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Sale priceDhs. 4,800.00

Pre-order only: WAKER by Hajar Designs is modern interpretation of the falcon landing stand (Falcon Perch) long used in the ancient art of falconry. 
With this innovative design of a newly conceived AL WAKER Hajar Design Studio seeks to modernise the tools of the sport in order reflect the contemporary aesthetic identity of UAE culture, while fitting in the modern Majlis.

We have taken inspiration from the natural world, namely the formation and patterning of sand dunes. The formation relies entirely on wind and its force and direction, the size and height of the dune gathers with the strength of the wind carrying the sand particles to form unique patterns to shape the dune.

Designed in collaborate with Al Kamda Falcons.

Photography by: Natelee Cocks

small 15 x 15 x 35 cm

Medium 20 x 20 x 100 cm

Large 20 x 20 x 135 cm

Hajar designs
WAKER (FALCON PERCH) Sale priceDhs. 4,800.00