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Waker (Falcon Perch)

Waker (Falcon Perch)

Hajar Design Studio’s WAKER is a newly modern interpretation of the falcon landing stand (Falcon Perch) long used in the ancient art of falconry. 

With this innovative design of a newly conceived AL WAKER Hajar Design Studio seeks to modernise the tools of the sport in order reflect the contemporary aesthetic identity of UAE culture, while fitting in the modern Majlis.

Hajar Design Studio took our inspiration from the natural world, namely the formation and patterning of sand dunes. The formation relies entirely on wind and its force and direction, the size and height of the dune gathers with the strength of the wind carrying the sand particles to form unique patterns to shape the dunes. 

During the design process, we conducted extensive research in collaboration with Al Kamda Falcons on the functionality of the new WAKER (Falcon Perch), to ensure health and safety measures were considered for both the owners and the birds. Important factors included the falcon’s weight; materials and the force and impact of the falcon jumping and landing on the perch. We designed the modern Waker as an object made of wood and silver travertine stone.

 We selected the travertine stone with a purpose of absorbing the moisture from the falcon and allows for a smoother air circulations under their legs, furthermore, to support the falcon (no matter its size or weight) and allow stability to prevent falling when the bird lands even with great force. The flat top* allows the falcon a place to rest and even sleep and clean his beak and dry using the rounded edges.

A unification of modern design, fine materials, tradition, and an ode to sport, this new WAKER (Falcon Perch) balances the beauty of the dunes with fine natural materials and the history of our UAE.


For 4,000 years, people in the Arabian peninsula practiced falconry as an important form of hunting in a resource-scarce land. While the sport’s role is a different one in present day UAE, falconry continues to reflect traditional Arab values such as courage, honour, and nobility.Indeed, the Founder of the Nation , Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan practiced falconry from a young age and promoted the preservation of this important practice.

Falconry features in literature and music, and is often beautifully celebrated in poetry, songs, and stories. In addition to this important history, Falconry today continues to have significant ties to nature conservation, and the intangible cultural heritage of the UAE.

Traditionally, the WAKER is a wooden stand used as a perch for the bird and is comprised of a wide flat top attached to stick that can easily be stuck into sand.

*The flat top is the preferable options for Arabian falcons to rest such as Gyrfalcon and Hurt falcons, opposite of the eagles and hawks which prefers a rounded grip.