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Riding is the thing that saved me and kept me strong. It is a holistic experience that transport my body and soul to inner peace and wellness. Horse riding is an art, a world into itself. Ask any rider & you’ll get the same glowing enthusiasm.

A few years back when I started riding I enjoyed the pleasant smell of fresh grass and clean leather and to feel the soft ends of the horse’s noses. As the years goes by and I learned to ride in a real dressage saddle things have started to change. I felt that the horses gives me the wings I never had and gave me the creative strength in becoming totally fearless in my expression. As a result I was able to handle the horses who were stubborn, the horses who were spooky under saddle, I could handle the competitive nature of other horses and sore muscles I got from riding without stirrups.

Through my journey of establishing my name as a designer, I thought of producing a product that pays tribute to this majestic animal who helped me to be confident on my own skin. I decided to stand somewhat a part from myself and become the author of something beautiful. A product that demonstrate the enchanted interlude and unites patience and silence, strength and freedom, extremely simple yet bold and provocative.

In the end, a compromise was found; a modular furniture piece made from authentic soft leather. In our designs, the therapeutic experience of horse riding evokes metaphorically feelings of strength and trust, translated into every day living objects. This collection symbolise not only the grand tradition of horses in Arabia, but as well our deep connection to these important animals, while reflecting a commitment to the aesthetics, values and legacy of the UAE.