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Al Khayl (the horse in Arabic) is of considerable significance in the UAE. The father of the nation, the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan had a great vision for the progress of the purebred Arabian Horses.


This collection takes as its cue important cultural values, spaces and decorative traditions and merges these symbolic and meaningful legacies into a series of new modern products.


Our rich Emirati value of hospitality is traditionally embodied in the Emirati “Majlis” — a key element in the  Emirati home. Known for our commitment to the Islamic tradition that urges generosity and hospitality and welcoming the guest, this special space has been thoughtfully allocated to receive guests and travelers, whether they are within the state or from neighboring countries.


Equine products are exceptionally handcrafted and made of finest leather available while suiting the different riding preferences for both the horse and rider.  The colours of the collection are purely inspired by the earthy shades of Arabia and the basic hues of  Arabian Horses. This series of design objects pays homage to the design and aesthetics of this realm of products, while also evoking the colours and artistry of the region.



The modernist coffee table of Al Khayl collection is a set of modular pouf chairs that are assembled together to become a coffee table for the living room. Like the other pieces in the collection this furnishing brings together multilayered aspects of our culture.


The geometric shapes forming the table draw upon the Emirati misnad made of sadu — one of the main furniture pieces of Emirati Majlis – a space symbolic and evocative of our national traits of hospitality and generosity.


Material: The leather and stitching of the product is in turn influenced by equestrian gear: saddles, stirrups and headgear and as such express centuries of traditional handicraft in our region. The masculine structure of the table is inspired by the horse’s fine form and structure and strength, as well as the bold profiles of modern design.


The bold minimal table, has a leather braiding detials which ties to the beauty of braiding of horses’ manes and tails symbolises the deep and gentle connection between the rider and his horse. When the horse’s mane and tail is being braided, the animal stands still and relaxes, allowing the rider to communicate in a responsive and caring way, which in turn, translates to successes in the ring.


The equestrian braid is an evocative motif of the Arabian Horse. This elegantly woven symbol represents harmony, unity and steadiness. As well the iconic braids are a symbol of the cohesive multicultural society of the UAE, and a proud expression of our identity. 



This new contemporary sculpture functions as a bookend, the definition of livable art. Substance and lightness come together in a strikingly contemporary form. The bookend design is a metaphor, depicting the sensational experience of riding a horse and seeing the world between the erect ears of this powerful animal. It’s this close proximity to the natural world that provides such a sense of escapism and relaxation, akin to the experience of escaping in the world of stories in books.

This collection is designed for individuals who possess a strong sense of self as well as a deep rooted connection with horses and all this embodies: personal drive, grace, beauty and most of all, liberty. Drawing upon the UAE legacy of the connection to Arabian horses, as well as traditional craftsmanship from the region and modernist design aesthetics, this is a truly rich and multi layered series of decorative and utilitarian  products.