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Abu Dhabi Perfume Bottle

Abu Dhabi Perfume Bottle

By taking a minimal approach and extracting the essence of the Emirati culture, I have designed the “Merwad” collection. “Merwad” in Arabic describes the perfume wand, used in the past to apply scents. In my designs, I have decided to keep the bottles minimal yet modern using elements from our beloved heritage such as camel leather, pearls and silhouettes of the Emirati iconic landmarks and elements. The VIP version of it could be produced using crystal glass instead of clear glass.

The purpose of having the “Merwad” stick ; is to provide exceptional experience while applying the perfume – like no others perfume in the world, and avoid extreamly high production cost in producing the product.

Each version of the “Merwad” carries an iconic landmark of Abu Dhabi such as Al Jahili forte, Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Tower, Abu Dhabi Global market; which can be explored further to include Louver Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and other.