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Musée Yves Saint Laurent

Musée Yves Saint Laurent

An intimate tribute to the life and enduring legacy of Yves Saint Laurent, the Musée Yves Saint Laurent in Paris is one of the city’s most engaging and insightful tributes to haute couture.

The Museum is located at 5 avenue Marceau, where Saint Laurent himself conceived, designed and produced his clothing. The studio’s original character and charm is accentuated through permanent thematic presentations and temporary exhibitions.

Yves Saint Laurent’s passion for painting led him and Pierre Bergé to assemble a truly incredible art collection.

The Knit Bridal Gown is presented in the same collection as the Homage to Mondrian dresses, the knit bridal gown closed that season’s runway show in 1965. It was the tradition to end a show with a bridal look. That year, Yves Saint Laurent looked to Russia, specifically matryochka nesting dolls. He borrowed the same shape for his hand-knit wool design with ivory silk satin ribbons, out of which peeked only the model’s radiant face.

“I was inspired by Mondrian and Poliakoff, who interested me more because of their architectural side than their decorative element. To me, turning a Mondrian or a Poliakoff into a dress is about making their canvases move. They were extraordinarily rejuvenating and refreshing for me; they taught me purity, balance”

Yves Sait Laurent.